Data Overview:

This 133-subject dataset (1.47TB) was acquired for and analyzed in Kronemer et al. 2022. The primary aim of this study was to investigate the cortical and subcortical networks for visual conscious perception. The dataset consists of two adult healthy participants groups: (1) 3T MRI anatomical and BOLD images (TR = 1000ms; voxel size = 2x2x2mm) and (2) 256-channel scalp EEG (sampling rate = 1000Hz). Concurrent pupillometry and eye-tracking (EyeLink 1000 Plus; sampling rate = 1000Hz) is available for most participants. The dataset includes adult epilepsy patient participants with concurrent depth EEG and 20-channel scalp EEG recordings. All recordings were made concurrently with a custom visual perception task.


Kronemer, S.I., Aksen, M., Ding, J.Z. et al. Human visual consciousness involves large scale cortical and subcortical networks independent of task report and eye movement activity. Nat Commun 13, 7342 (2022).

Dataset Summary:

The dataset contains 4 different types of data acquisition experiments:

Dataset on NITRC:

The data for each subject for the 4 different types of data acquisition experiments are organized in .tar files and packaged in 4 different packages: Each subject .tar file contains one or two types of experimental session folders: Center Relevant (CR) and Quadrant Relevant (QR). The data folders in each experimental session are arranged into sub-session concerning the type of brain data that is acquired - MRI Session, EEG Session and depthEEG Session. EEG Session folder can contain the folders Behavioral Data, EyeLink Data and EEG Data; MRI Sessions cam contain the folders Behavioral Data, EyeLink Data and MRI Data; and,depthEEG Session contains Behavioral Data, EyeLink Data and RNS Data. The data structure in each data acquisition session is shown in Figure 1.

The subject name for each experimental session is denoted as {subject ID}_{Paradigm abbreviation}_{data acquisition modality (only for Report Paradigm)}.

Fig.1 - Data organization for each experimental session. a) The structure in which the dataset is separated in different packages on the NITRC repository. b) The organization of data folders for each data acquisition for an experimental session folder in a).

Notes: The MRI MPRAGE images for some MRI sessions were defaced as DICOM files and some were defaced after converting to NIFTI. The defaced DICOMS are in the MRI_Data folder in MRI_seesion. But, the defaced NIFTI images are in MRI_data/Defaced_MPRAGE_NIFTI folder. Also, for some subjects, one of the the experimental session did not take place and thus those data are not available. Additionally, for some subjects, one or more data acquisition sessions did not occur and those sessions were left out in the dataset.

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